Research Charts

Results of Treatment with Silicea colloidal silica gel

Improved Properties of Nails and Hair thanks to the application of colloidal silica 
(Study: Clinical Research Laboratories, Incl. New Jersey, USA, 2000/2001)

Research Charts

Summary of Study Results:

“The results verify that as hair thickness increases during the 6-month course and treatment with taking of colloidal silica gel, the self confidence increases and subjective restrictions imposed on the test persons because of their thin hair are reduced. From this it can be assumed that Colloidal Silica Gel is an effective treatment of thin hair. It is also helpful in the prevention of brittle hair.”
(Prof. Augustin MD, University Hospital Complex Hamburg-Eppendorf, Clinic and Outpatient Clinic for Dermatology)

Number of Test Persons: 55 women with thin hair (<100 µm); Treatment Period: 6 months; Application dosage: 1 measuring spoon containing 15ml collodial silica gel daily; Method: microscopic determination of hair thickness (mean of 60 hairs / sample).